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Founded in 2005, WOMEN SOLIDARITY USA'S mission is to inform women of career and equal opportunity resources, and to influence public opinion, by informing the public of media coverage advocating women equality issues, which ultimately inspires positive and permanent corporate and public policy change.

    Inform - Inspire - Empower



*An Information Internet Portal & Social Media Community on Equal Opportunity Issues*

Mission: An Always Evolving One 

  • To aspire and encourage equal opportunity in the workplace, education, athletics, and retirement, and to inform the public of those equal opportunity issues
  • To encourage equal opportunity in permanent government and corporate policy
  • To support the implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment and Equal Pay legislation
  • To encourage and expose positive portrayals of women in the media and advertising
  • To honor and celebrate Women's Herstory
  • To inspire and encourage young women to be women's rights activists, and to support them in our shared common goals
  • To support our global sisters in their pursuit for equal opportunity and economic justice
                           Inspiring Equal Rights and Opportunities for WomenTM  
"We'll Fight Until THEY Get It Right!"TM 


  • Media - Changing Minds for Women EqualityTM

The Media shapes public opinion, and is a motivator and partner for change. Consciousness-Raising through the Media, can inspire positive change through corporate and public policy, on issues of equal rights, equal opportunity, and economic justice. WOMEN SOLIDARITY USA exposes positive media coverage advocating women equality issues.

                      "The Media Can Change Minds, Get the Word Out!"TM 



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